Client Commitment

We understand that meeting and exceeding our clients’ needs regarding quality, costs and timing, as well as ensuring environmental and regulatory compliance, are paramount to our continued success.

Involvement of Senior Staff – At Padre, experienced senior staff members are active in day-to-day project work. The senior professionals have between 15 and 35 years of applied experience in their field of specialization, and are actively engaged in all aspect of project management.

Providing Customized Services – As an established firm, we have the flexibility to implement our services to match our clients’ needs. Depending on their preferences, our involvement can range from complete management of complex, multi-disciplinary projects to providing adjunct support services on an as-needed basis.

Commitment to Provide Quality Services Safely – As a result of ongoing skill-specific training of our staff through professional organizations, academic institutions, and agency-sponsored workshops, our staff is capable of providing exceptional services responsive to our clients’ current needs. Additionally, because our staff receives regular safety training, our field operations are conducted efficiently and safely as incident-free operations.

Open, Honest and Consistent Communication – To foster efficiency and productivity, as well as building trust with our clients, Padre managers and staff are committed to effective communication with our clients.

Strong Relationships with Governmental and Regulatory Agencies – Padre’s staff have strong, well-developed working relationships with local, regional, state, and federal regulatory agencies. Our reputation for quality performance and knowledge of a continually changing regulatory climate enhances our ability to assist in negotiations on behalf of our clients.