Zack Abbey, Patrick Crooks, Haleigh Damron, and Tristan Wedderien arrived at ExxonMobil’s Las Flores Canyon Facility on Tuesday, July 12th 2016 to capture and relocate a 2-3 year old mule deer that had jumped over a fence surrounding an emergency containment basin. The deer had been trapped in the basin for about two days, unable to climb out due to the steep and slippery plastic that lines the basin. With the help of some ExxonMobil maintenance workers, the Padre employees successfully cornered the deer, tied its legs together to prevent it from bucking, and laid it on a canvas drop cloth for transportation. The animal was then secured, picked up, and carried out of the basin in the cloth by the Padre deer-relocation team and placed about 20 feet away from the basin. Once it was untied, the deer hopped up and scampered back into the hills, healthy and unharmed.

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