It Got Muddy.


We came. We saw. We ran, climbed, crawled, jumped, slid and we conquered! Mud Mash 2013 was quite the success for team Filthy Fathers.  Our 11 mud mashers woke up bright and early, met at Lisa’s house to grab our race numbers and snazzy team t-shirts and headed over to Laguna Lake Park to make our 9:40am heat time.  As we rolled up to the starting line, I know at least some of us had pre-race jitters but not for long because as soon as we were off it was clear that this race would be a blast.  The atmosphere was upbeat and easygoing with music playing, plenty of crazy costumes, and a general buzz of excitement in the air.  That excitement was well founded because one of the best parts of the race was wondering what crazy obstacle would come next.  We traipsed through the extremely mucky lake a few times, with mud reaching about halfway up our legs, clambered over walls, raced down the hill on a slip n’ slide, and squeezed through giant rollers covered in bubble foam, among other things.  Army crawling under barbed wire in a giant mud pit was our final obstacle before the end, and team Filthy Fathers crossed that finish line dripping in mud and just looking awesome in general.  The best part of this race was the feeling of camaraderie not just among the members of our team but of everyone participating in the event; at each obstacle everyone was helping one another out and cheering each other on. We headed back to Lisa’s house after the race to rinse off and enjoy a potluck brunch with good food, friends, and even a little dancing.  The results were in a few days later and it turns out team Filthy Fathers finished fourth and fifth out of nine in the professional services industry competition. Good work guys! Now there’s only one thing left to ask…who’s ready for Tough Mudder 2014?

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