Mud Mash 2013


Who’s ready to get their hands (and arms, and legs, and feet, and probably hair) dirty? The participants of the 2013 San Luis Obispo Mud Mash sure are! The Mud Mash is a huge 5k run that takes place next Saturday, October 26th in SLO, and the proceeds benefit the SLO County Special Olympics.  It isn’t just any normal charity run though, this one includes tons of obstacles that span far beyond the usual hill or hurdle, from a barbed wire crawl to a water slide, to a few run-ins with armed vikings. (!?) It’s a family friendly race with participants of all ages welcome, and to add to the fun there’s a costume contest at the end since it’s Halloween weekend and all.  Padre has two teams of five (The Filthy Fathers) competing in the industry competition, which means we will be gunning for first place against other organizations in the professional services category.  Last year, our team, Tenets of Mudperation, finished 6th out of 14, and hopefully our team captains for this year, Lisa Bugrova and Michael Wagoner can lead us to victory!  The other brave employees that fill out the roster for The Filthy Fathers are Lindsey Cromsigt, Jennifer Klaib, Alyssa Berry, Jeanette Moore, Kimberly Paradis, and Cody Montoya. After the race the exhausted, mud-covered runners can head over to the after party for the costume contest, a quick hose off, and various food and vendor stands. Past participants of the event have repeatedly praised the race, expressing the accomplishment they felt at the end, the great team building the race brings, and the encouraging atmosphere that surrounded the entire experience.  A friendly competition that supports an amazing cause, the SLO Mud Mash coming up this Saturday will definitely be an excellent time.  Even better news, registration is open until October 23rd so if you’re on the late train and decide that this race sounds like something you want to be a part of, head on over to the Mud Mash website and sign up. Let’s wish The Filthy Fathers good luck, and have fun getting muddy guys!

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