Inter- and Sub-tidal Surveys

Platform Edith to Elly Power Cable, San Pedro Channel, California

Project Name: Platform Edith to Elly Power Cable, San Pedro Channel, California
Services: Seafloor Habitat and Biological Characterization
Client: Beta Offshore LLC

To eliminate emissions from a diesel generator that provided electrical power to two oil platforms, Edith and Elly, Beta Offshore contracted Padre to complete an underwater video survey of a seafloor corridor within which an electrical power cable was to be laid. Padre marine scientists recorded onboard observations from a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) real-time video and from still photographs of the seafloor habitats and biota within the mile-long corridor between the two platforms. A technical report that discussed the results of the survey was prepared and was used to orient the cable route to minimize potential impacts to the resources.

Padre was also involved in similar surveys, permitting, and construction monitoring for the replacement of two submarine pipelines to allow platform Eureka to return to full production.

Cojo Marine Terminal Decommissioning, Santa Barbara County, California

Project Name: Cojo Marine Terminal Decommissioning, Santa Barbara County, California
Services: Pre- and Post-Pipeline Removal Environmental Studies
Client: Unocal

Prior to preparing final plans for the removal of an offshore loading terminal and pipeline, Unocal retained Padre to complete a dive survey of the project area to locate and characterize potentially sensitive marine habitats and biota. A team of Padre marine biologists completed a survey of the inter- and subtidal areas within the pipeline corridor and prepared a technical report that was used to develop a final abandonment plan.

Padre’s marine scientists also worked closely with marine specialists within the California Coastal Commission, State Lands Commission, and Department of Fish & Game to develop a pre- and post-removal marine biological survey plan and to establish criteria for mitigating the loss of surfgrass, kelp, and rocky substrate during removal activities. Unocal also retained Padre to be on-site during diving surveys to assure that the surveys completed by Santa Barbara County-retained marine scientists were consistent with approved protocols and to complete two years of monitoring of the recovery of surfgrass within the affected intertidal area.

Padre scientists prepared a technical report quantifying the return of surfgrass densities to pre-construction conditions.

Ocean Bottom Seismometer Installation, Offshore San Luis Obispo, California

Project Name: Ocean Bottom Seismometer Installation, Offshore San Luis Obispo, California
Services: Seafloor Habitat Survey
Client: Pacific Gas & Electric Company

As part of a larger, multidisciplinary study of the offshore earthquake faults along central California, and in addition to environmental documentation and permitting services, PG&E retained Padre to conduct a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and diver survey of the seafloor habitats in water depths up to 300 feet within a corridor where a series of ocean bottom seismometers (OBS) were to be placed. Diver-biologists contracted to Padre completed a series of dives and recorded underwater video from the shallow subtidal to the 60 feet isobath. In deeper water, an ROV was used to collect video footage and still photographs of the various habitats and associated biota. Padre marine scientists were onboard the ROV survey vessel and directed the survey along the proposed route. A technical report, that described the habitats and biota, was prepared and the final OBS corridor was aligned to avoid rocky habitat and areas that supported sensitive biota, including rockfish and long-lived attached epitbiota.