Marine Wildlife Plan Preparation & Onboard Monitoring

Various Marine Geophysical Surveys, Offshore California

Various Marine Geophysical Surveys, Offshore California
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Project Name: Various Marine Geophysical Surveys, Offshore California
Services: Marine Wildlife Contingency Plans and Onboard Monitoring
Client: Fugro Consultants, Inc.

Marine geophysical surveys completed within the California state waters (shoreward of the 3-mile limit) require a permit issued by the California State Lands Commission. A condition on that permit is that a project-specific Marine Wildlife Contingency Plan (MWCP) is prepared and onboard monitoring occurs during all such surveys. Padre has completed over 20 MWCPs for Fugro Consultants’ surveys throughout coastal California. The MWCPs specify mitigation measures to reduce or eliminate potential noise- and vessel-related effects to marine mammals and turtles and describe onboard monitoring and reporting methods that will be used during the survey.
In addition to preparing the MWCP, Padre’s NOAA-qualified marine wildlife observers are onboard the survey vessel recording mammal and turtle sightings and assuring that potential impacts are avoided. Padre has completed these plans and provided monitoring services for Fugro projects that ranged from one-day bathymetry surveys to multi-week low-energy geophysical data collection efforts. Fugro’s clients for these projects have included Pacific Gas & Electric Company, ExxonMobil, Beta Offshore, Chevron, Venoco, Pacific Offshore Operators, U.S. Navy, and ARCO.