Wetland Delineations

San Luis Obispo Tank Farm Restoration and Redevelopment Project, San Luis Obispo, California

Project Name: San Luis Obispo Tank Farm Restoration and Redevelopment Project, San Luis Obispo, California
Services: Wetland Delineation, Wetland Restoration Planning, Permitting and Biological Surveys
Client: Chevron Environmental Management Company

Padre is currently providing permitting and environmental services to Chevron Environmental Management Company for the proposed remediation, restoration, and re-development of the former San Luis Obispo Tank Farm Property in San Luis Obispo. This 340-acre property was historically used for the storage of crude oil within the former transportation system on the Central Coast. The property was impacted by the release of petroleum hydrocarbons during a 1926 lightning strike and fire that released over a million barrels of oil to the surrounding area. Padre has submitted a project application package to regulatory agencies for the remediation and restoration of the former tank farm, including over 30 acres of wetlands, and the eventual re-development of portions of the site for light industrial and business park uses. Padre prepared site-wide wetland surveys, rare plant surveys, and a wetland restoration plan for implementation immediately following site remediation activities. Padre is also working with GANDA on this project to address on-site historical resources concurrently with site-wide planning.

Santa Barbara County Bridge Replacement Projects, Santa Barbara County, California

Project Name: Santa Barbara County Bridge Replacement Projects, Santa Barbara County, California
Services: Natural Environment Studies including Jurisdictional Wetland Delineations
Client: Santa Barbara County Public Works Department

Under a Master Services Agreement with Santa Barbara County Public Works Department, Padre provides on-call environmental review services. An example of our work under this agreement is the preparation of Natural Environment Studies (NES) for the repair or replacement of 10 bridges throughout Santa Barbara County. The detailed NES's provide a basis for determining if bridge rehabilitation or replacement will result in any significant impacts, and are technical studies on which NEPA and CEQA assessments are based. These NES reports include regulatory analysis sections, significance thresholds, jurisdictional wetland delineations, special-status species surveys and assessments, and proposed mitigation measures to reduce adverse impacts to less than significant levels. Padre staff conducted surveys, essential habitat element assessments, and essential fish habitat analyses for California tiger salamander, California red-legged frog, southern steelhead, tidewater goby, arroyo chub, and sensitive bat species.

Proposed Gibson Crossing Development, Sacramento County, California

Project Name: Proposed Gibson Crossing Development, Sacramento County, California
Services: Biological and Special Status Species Surveys, Wetland Delineation, and Regulatory Permitting
Client: Wickland Properties

Padre conducted biological field surveys, constraints/opportunities analysis, and regulatory permitting for the proposed Gibson Crossing Development in Sacramento County. This included preliminary surveys of the proposed project site and preparation of a report detailing the permitting requirements for development of the property. Field surveys included: waters/wetlands delineation, which was verified by the Corps of Engineers; special-status species surveys, which included protocol-level surveys for listed vernal pool crustaceans; wildlife surveys; and habitat mapping. Padre also managed the preparation and coordination of regulatory permits to the Corps of Engineers for a Section 404 nationwide permit; a Section 1600 streambed alteration agreement through the California Department of Fish and Game; a Section 401 water quality certification through the Regional Water Quality Control Board. Padre also prepared a mitigation plan for the project, and all permits were approved.