Mapping and Spatial Services

Ventura County Channel Inventory Spatial Database

Representative Project: Ventura County Channel Inventory Spatial Database
Services: Spatial Data Development and Implementation
Client: Ventura County Watershed Protection District, Ventura County, CA

Given a qualitative document containing channel reach numbers and written descriptions of their extents Padre mapped each of the 1,025 channel reaches using GIS. Padre also built a database connected to the spatial features containing the channel name, reach number, facilities present, facilities maintenance requirements and length. A GIS specialist then collaborated with Padre biologists to enhance the spatial database by including information as to which invasive species and which special and sensitive species are present within which reaches. The team then assigned each reach the necessary best management practices based upon types of maintenance required and presence of various species in a given reach. The result was a dataset the District was able to implement and use via a GIS data viewer in order to better understand their network of channels and ensure compliance with permit conditions associated with maintenance efforts.

Tree and Vegetation Field Data Collection and Spatial Database Development

Representative Service: Tree and Vegetation Field Data Collection and Spatial Database Development

Understanding the existing condition of biological resources is a crucial first step in resource management and the process of evaluating potential impacts from proposed development activities. In order to ensure accurate and efficient assessment of such natural resources, Padre biologists and GIS specialists collaborate to leverage the power of state of the art technologies and extensive local knowledge. Through the use of Trimble GeoXT GPS units, tablets, and GPS enabled cameras, field data is captured digitally in situ. Using such data collection methods enables large datasets to be easily transferred from field to desktop while ensuring its integrity. Once field data is returned to the office, Padre GIS specialists are able to build databases and assist our biologist conduct necessary impact analyses.