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Oso Flaco Lakes Assessment and Planning

Oso Flaco Lakes Assessment and Planning
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Representative Project: Oso Flaco Lakes Assessment and Planning
Services: Spatial Analysis - Interpolation
Client: Coastal San Luis Resource Conservation District

The two lakes have been identified as Section 303d impaired water bodies due to elevated concentrations of organochlorine pesticides, primarily DDT and dieldrin. Padre subcontracted with TEG Oceanographic Services to complete 17 sediment sample collection locations using a barge mounted vibracore sampling system. Sediments were collected in continuous cores ranging in depth from 3 to 6 feet at pre-determined locations within both lakes. Padre used the sample locations and associated results to build a GIS database. With the GIS database as an input, Padre conducted spatial analysis to model potential contaminant concentrations and sediment thicknesses across the lakes. This analysis generated a model of distribution of thickness and contamination across the water bodies. Figures were developed to visualize results and model outputs. The information gained from the sediment assessment activities will be used by the interested agencies to determine potential remedial options, including dredging, that could be implemented to improve the ecological health of the two lakes.