Mapping and Spatial Services

Historical Site Review Spatial Data Development

Representative Services: Historical Site Review Spatial Data Development

In conducting Geoenvironmental projects, Padre commonly compiles historical aerial photos as well as historical maps, reports, and other reference material. The collected aerial images are geo-referenced and features from the historical maps and other documents are identified on the images and digitized. Digitized features are assigned attributes as ascertained from the reference documents to build a spatial database including historical and other features. The resulting spatial database is then used as an overlay with current and proposed features to identify areas posing potential risk or requiring additional assessment. The spatial database may then be used to develop a work plan for areas requiring assessment activities. Spatial data for test points and areas of interest are loaded onto a GPS unit to ensure assessment occurs in the appropriate location, as well as to provide documentation of assessment activities. Results from field assessments are then fed back into the spatial database and can then be visualized and extents for hazards can then be modeled.