Oilfield Decommissioning/Asset Retirement & Closure

Binkley Fee and Nidever Fee, Fresno County, California

Binkley Fee and Nidever Fee, Fresno County, California
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Project Name: Binkley Fee and Nidever Fee
Services: Soil Assessment and Remediation
Client: Chevron Environmental Management Company

The historical use of natural gas compressor plants at the project site resulted in impacts to shallow soil. To determine the extent of the contamination and address the potential impacts, Padre performed soil assessment activities. The results of the soil assessment activities were used to develop a Remedial Action Plan (RAP)with an unrestricted land use cleanup goal. To support these efforts a cattle PCB uptake study was conducted to support the extent of the required remediation activities outlined in the RAP. The soil remediation activities included the excavation and off-site disposal of PCB-impacted soil and concrete. All work was performed under the oversight of the U.S. EPA Region 9 using the PCB Facility Approval Streamlining Toolbox (FAST): Streamlining the Cleanup Approval Process.