Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Kettleman Unit Oilfield, Kings and Fresno Counties, California

Kettleman Unit Oilfield, Kings and Fresno Counties, California
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Project Name: Kettleman Unit Oilfield, Kings and Fresno Counties, California
Services: Limited Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
Client: Chevron North America Exploration and Production Company

Padre conducted a limited Phase I environmental site assessment (ESA) for the approximately 30,080-acre Kettleman Unit Oilfield, located in both Kings and Fresno Counties, California (Project Site). The objectives of the limited Phase I ESA services were to identify areas of potential concern (AOPCs) located at the Project Site; to determine whether or not historic or current use of the Project Site has resulted in potential recognized environmental conditions; identify AOPCs that are documented and listed with publicly accessible regulatory agency files; and to assist Chevron in understanding known or suspected environmental conditions associated with the individual sections that comprise the Project Site.

The limited Phase I ESA, included the review of available environmental databases and available historical data, and was performed in general accordance with the current American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) E 1528 standard practice for environmental site assessment (ESA) transaction screening process guidelines.

Padre identified the general historical uses at the Project Site including AOPCs, and concluded that the observed AOPCs that would represent the greatest potential environmental risks were the historical and current presence of crude oil-gas production facilities; drilling sumps, and aboveground facilities used for produced oil and water. These types of facilities are known to potentially result in the generation of significant volumes of total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH)-containing soil, and potentially elevated concentrations of volatile organic compounds and metals in soil.