Remediation Services For Former Service Station, Ventura, California

Padre provided environmental and demolition support for the removal of the remaining fuel piping associated with the former fuel underground storage tanks (USTs), dispenser islands, underground hoists, waste clarifier, and waste oil UST for a former service station property (Project) located on Main Street in Ventura, California (Project Site).  As part of the scope of work, Padre: 

  • Procured necessary permits from various agencies including the City of Ventura Fire Department (tank removal permit), City of Ventura (grading permit), and Ventura County Air Pollution Control District (exemption from permit);
  • Prepared a Site Restoration Plan for the Project Site;
  • Conducted a geophysical survey of the Project Site to identify underground utilities and hazards;
    Was responsible for removal, recycling/disposal of Project components; Prepared a Technical Work Plan for Preliminary Soil and Groundwater Assessment Activities for the Project;
  • Prepared a Health and Safety Plan for the Project;
  • Conducted preliminary site assessment activities including sampling and analysis of soil and groundwater for assistance with waste characterization and classification for disposal;
  • Provided field oversight, monitoring and documentation of activities associated with the Project;
    Prepared a report summarizing and documenting the demolition and soil sampling activities conducted at the Project Site; and
  • Prepared a Summary Report and Request for Site Closure for the excavation and removal of TPH-containing soil and confirmation sampling/chemical analyses.

The Project Site is planned for future development of mixed uses (residential and commercial) and was part of the Ventura County Cleanup Program with local oversight provided by the Ventura County Environmental Health Division. With Padre’s assistance, the Project Site successfully received site closure status, from Ventura County Environmental Health Division

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