Rick Meredith’s Retirement

November 25th will be Rick Meredith last day as a full time employee.  Rick has announced his retirement and his transition to being a full time writer and bird watcher. Rick joined Padre in 1999 as the founding member of our Sacramento office.  During those first few years, in a one room office with red shag carpeting, he worked tirelessly to establish a Padre foothold in the highly competitive consulting environment of the Sacramento area. Hard to believe that such a humble beginning would now lead to the office we have today.

We will miss Rick’s mentoring style and friendly demeanor.  His strong biological knowledge has been a great resource to our clients and staff.  Rick indicates he will be spending more time with his enlarging family, working on his next book (yes he already has one published), traveling and I’m sure checking a few more birds off his list.

Please join me in thanking Rick for his years at Padre and in wishing him all the best with his future plans.

Simon A. Poulter
Principal and Manager Environmental Resources Group

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