Mapping and Spatial Services

Some of the tools we use

Padre employs Geographic Information System (GIS) techniques to provide a wide range of mapping and spatial services in support of our planning, permitting, environmental review and biological resource projects. GIS allows for visualization, analyses, and interpretation of data to reveal relationships, patterns, and trends. By leveraging GIS as a tool for managing databases, conducting analyses, and making maps while also incorporating the strengths of AutoCAD Civil 3D and GPS field data collection, Padre is equipped to address a wide range of spatial challenges both in 2D and 3D environments. Padre’s spatial services group commonly provides clients with:

  • Display Maps and Report Figures
  • Spatial Data Management / Database Management
  • Spatial Analyses and Calculations
  • Impact Analyses
  • Suitability Models
  • Remote Sensing (Image Processing)
  • Field Data Collection via GPS
  • Spatial Data Formatting (CAD and Static Map Conversions)
  • Implementation of Spatial Data Viewers

Representative Project