Biological Resource Monitoring during Construction

Maintaining compliance and avoiding delays

Padre provides comprehensive biological monitoring during construction, typically required by regulatory permits and Environmental Impact Reports. Monitoring may be part-time or full-time depending on the presence of special-status species or other sensitive biological resources. Monitoring services are tailored to the project and its permit conditions, to ensure resources are protected and on-site the monitor’s time is efficiently utilized. Monitoring may include relocation of special-status species if found in the work area, including fish rescue during stream diversion activities. Special-status species relocated by Padre biologists have included California red-legged frog, coast horned lizard, pond turtle, two-striped garter snake, tidewater goby, arroyo chub and Santa Ana sucker. If requested, we can provide water quality monitoring (required for construction dewatering, stream diversion) simultaneously with biological monitoring.

Representative Projects