Marine Wildlife Plan Preparation & Onboard Monitoring

Do no harm

Federal and state agencies routinely require Marine Wildlife Contingency Plans (MWCPs) for offshore surveys that could potentially affect marine mammals, reptiles, and birds. Padre has prepared over 100 MWCPs for fiber optic cable and pipeline installation projects, and geophysical and remotely operated vehicle surveys. All Padre-prepared MWCPs have been approved by regulatory and/or resource agencies and have been used to institute in-field mitigations to reduce or eliminate potential impacts to marine wildlife.

Padre also maintains a cadre of pre-qualified marine wildlife observers who have completed special training and who provide onboard monitoring and reporting services as required in the MWCPs. Onboard monitors record observations of marine wildlife and are responsible for ensuring compliance with mitigation measures specified in the MWCPs. Padre’s monitors have over 10,000 hours of shipboard and aerial observation experience and are well-versed in identifying marine mammals, reptiles, and birds that occur within the eastern Pacific.

Representative Projects