Oilfield ARO

Assisting the Petroleum Industry

Padre’s staff is experienced with the various facets of oil field assessment, remediation, and restoration. Padre’s oilfield decommissioning staff includes engineers, geologists, chemists, wildlife biologists, botanists, restoration ecologists, permitting and compliance coordinators, health and safety managers, hazardous waste managers, and field technicians.

Padre’s oilfield decommissioning services include site reconnaissance, historical research, and soil and groundwater assessment in support of agency negotiations and project planning. We provide environmental planning services to develop necessary plans (e.g., excavation grading and dewatering plans) in coordination with preparation of project descriptions and permit application packages for agency submittal.

Padre’s field staff provides fieldwork monitoring oversight, permit compliance monitoring, waste management, and engineering support to ensure remediation projects are completed as planned and in accordance with permit requirements.

Padre’s restoration ecologists and biologists are available to:

  • prepare and implement site-specific restoration plans, which include on-site seed collection, plant propagation, planting, seeding, maintenance activities and success monitoring;
  • monitor remediation activities to minimize impacts to sensitive status plants and wildlife; and
  • assess and monitor on-site biological resources by conducting wildlife surveys such as Western snowy plover breeding surveys, California red-legged frog eyeshine and breeding surveys; and annual sensitive status plant surveys.

Padre documents all of the field data collection activities and remediation efforts in technical documents that are submitted to regulatory agencies on established reporting frequencies.

Representative Projects