Staff Commitment

Padre Oiled Wildlife Deterrence, Recovery and Transport Training

We understand that the positive well-being of our employees contribute to the overall well-being of Padre.

Benefits. Padre provides comprehensive health, dental and vision insurance; along with company paid life and long term disability insurance. A retirement 401(k) plan with employer contributions is also provided to Padre employees. Additional coverage is available for employees to purchase for their dependents and themselves.

Professional Memberships. Padre pays professional organization membership dues for its professional and managerial employees and sponsors their active participation in associated meetings and conferences.

Continuing Education. Padre employees are encouraged to further their professional education and training; and are eligible for financial assistance from Padre as they strive to enhance their professional growth.

Flexible Work Environment. We understand that life includes responsibilities and presents opportunities outside of work, so Padre attempts to accommodate the personal schedule needs of its employees.

Safety Training. The safety of our employees is a paramount consideration at Padre. Employees receive continuing safety training appropriate to their role in the company. Most of our professional employees receive California Division of Occupational Health and Safety (DOSH) 40-Hour Health and Safety Training, annual 8-hour refresher training, SMITH SYSTEM defensive driver training, and First Aid/CPR training.