Who Wore it Better Contest – Entry 1

Patrick Crooks and Marco Ojeda were finishing up a groundwater monitoring event and noticed that they both had on the same outfit (steel toe boots, jeans, high-visibility jacket and green ball cap). This naturally got them thinking about the Oscars and all the hype around who wore what and how they looked. So, Patrick suggested a contest “Who Wore it Better” and thus a plan was hatched. The contest winner gets a $50 gift card to Trader Joe’s! So enter one and all, and don’t forget to vote.

Patrick is our first contestant, he was working on the Limoneira Groundwater Monitoring job in Santa Paula. The photo was taken just after collecting a groundwater sample from a new offsite well where groundwater was 100-feet deep. Appropriate gear for the job: rain jacket since rain and below 50 degree temperatures were forecast.

P Crooks who wore it better

Rules include:

1) Any employee of Padre can enter and/or vote (one entry and one vote each).

2) All entry photos need to be accompanied with a description including ,a) what project was being worked on, b) what task was being accomplished, and c) why the outfit is appropriate for the task.

3) All entries should be provided by Thursday, February 18, 2016.

4) Voting criteria are appropriateness of dress for the task and overall style (weighting 50/50).

5) The Oscars are February 28 so all votes should be cast by email to dhebert@padreinc.com on Friday, February 26.

The winner will be identified on the blog by end of day the following Monday (February 29).

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