Who Wore it Better – Contestant(s) 4

We have a group entry.  This group was working on was the San Luis Obispo Tank Farm Remediation and Restoration Project.

SLO Tank Farm Group 2

Back row (L to R): Michaela Hoffman, Kenny Wimer, Amy Golub
Front Row (L to R): Chris Santala, Shannon Gonzalez

Chris reports:

“The task was salvaging San Luis Obispo Serpentine Dudleya (Dudleya abramsii ssp. bettinae) from the “Flower Mound” within the SLO Tank Farm property. The area was proposed to be impacted during the year, and we were tasked with removing all the dudleya and bringing them to their new home: the San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden. We collected about 300 of the sneaky little devils, all while looking good in the appropriate PPE.”

“Appropriate PPE for the task: Hi-vis safety vests (each of us rocking a different style), long sleeves, sturdy gloves, sun/safety glasses and hard hats.”  Safety and fashionable.

The group plans to split the prize if they win.

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