Mapping and Spatial Services

Ventura County Asset Inventory Spatial Database

Representative Project: Ventura County Asset Inventory Spatial Database
Services: Spatial Database Development
Client: Ventura County Watershed Protection District

Padre GIS professionals worked with Padre biologists and the District to develop a powerful and easy to use spatial database for the Ventura County Watershed Protection District’s assets. The database includes descriptions of the facilities, maintenance activities at each facility, presence of sensitive species, and best management practices for each location and activity. Building the database required Padre GIS professionals to map each facility from written descriptions of the locations, run overlay analysis with available biological datasets, and run queries to populate attributes. The resulting spatial database is used daily via a GIS viewer at the District to enable staff to better understand their assets and ensure compliance with permit conditions associated with maintenance efforts.

Feedback from client: ‘We are very pleased with the product you helped with and we use it every day.’ -Pam Lindsey, Ventura County Watershed Protection District'

Guadalupe Restoration Project Change in Cover Analysis

Representative Project: Guadalupe Restoration Project Change in Cover Analysis
Services: Spatial Analysis – Remote Sensing
Client: Chevron Environmental Management Company

High resolution aerial photography was captured annually at the project site. The images were ortho-rectified images tied to surveyed ground control points. These images were used to track change over time. Beyond visual interpretations of the images, Padre has leveraged image classification tools to parse out cover types and then quantify cover for different years and then compare results to understand different changes over time. Examples of such efforts include using these techniques in determining sand edge movement rates over time, plant growth over time and the success of different weed eradication methods. This powerful tool helps to quantify qualitative observations made by simply observing the aerial images.

Oak Tree Inventory

Representative Project: Oak Tree Inventory
Services: Database Development / Field Data Collection
Client: AERA Energy LLC

In an effort to both understand the project site and to plan to avoid oak tree removals, an oak tree inventory for potential development areas was conducted. The inventory was a significant field effort, covering hundreds of acres and cataloging thousands of trees. Mapping, database development and management, and field data collection were crucial to the success of the effort. Padre employed a field data collection strategy to use high accuracy GPS units with data dictionaries, tablets with preloaded forms that linked directly into a master database and interactive maps. The close coordination between field and office, and implementation of data collection process standards helped make this significant effort a success yielding a detailed spatial database used to steer development away from existing oak tree stands.

San Luis Obispo Tank Farm

Representative Project: San Luis Obispo Tank Farm
Services: GIS Viewer Deployment/ Field Data Collection
Client: Chevron Environmental Management Company

Padre has leveraged the power of the ArcGIS Online platform to open spatial data available to all project staff in a secure environment. Complex spatial databases are presented in a beautiful and intuitive manner to enable non-GIS professionals to interact with spatial data anywhere. Padre staff are able to securely log in to view GIS data, view attributes to understand spatial relationships. Padre also uses Collector to extend the ArcGIS Online application from the office to the field. Using Collector and ArcGIS Online, staff can take their interactive maps into the field to navigate and collect new data using tablets and phones coupled with a high accuracy receiver. Field collected data are then synced and available for view in the office via ArcGIS Online. These tools have helped to increase Padre’s efficacy in collecting field data and using spatial data for decision making and ultimately better serving our client.