Inter- and Sub-tidal Surveys

Between the tides and beyond

To support environmental assessments or to document project-related impacts, Padre’s marine scientists conduct field data collection surveys in inter- and subtidal habitats ranging from sandy and rocky shorelines to submerged rock reefs and deep ocean sediments. Using SCUBA and, in deeper water areas, remotely operated vehicles, Padre’s marine biologists are experienced in transect, quadrat, and point-sampling methods and have extensive experience in designing survey plans, participating in the data collection and analysis, and managing multi-disciplinary marine surveys. Padre has subcontract agreements with marine scientists, survey boats, and equipment suppliers that enhance in-house capabilities, which includes marine biologists, water quality specialists, and geologists. Padre’s marine scientists have world-wide experience in field surveys ranging from reconnaissance-level to quantitative sampling in a variety of intertidal, seafloor, and water column habitats.

Representative Projects